Google’s Stadia a game changer? We’re not so sure…

Google announced this week that it would be entering the gaming industry with its new cloud gaming platform, Stadia.

Stadia works by streaming the game you want directly onto the device you are using, without the need for a console. Any device will work as long as it’s supported – this includes PCs, laptops, tablets and phones. The only catch is that you need a controller, and Google of course will have one of its own just for Stadia users, though from what we know at this point, other controllers may work as well.

Already, Google is trying to get developers to make the move to their new platform.

Will Stadia revolutionise the industry and ultimately result in the death of consoles? This remains to be seen. For one, a major concern is latency and how much of a lag players will experience. Secondly, a large proportion of gamers would still like to be able to access and play a game even when offline or without an Internet connection, which you cannot do with Stadia.

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