Brightlocker goes bust without a word, leaving developers and customers stranded

Gaming crowdfunding platform Brightlocker has dissolved, reports

In the last quarter of 2018, customers had already begun to sense something was amiss, with support tickets taking more than a month to get answered. Some users who purchased games from the site in January this year have yet to receive them, while others with paid credit still in their Brightlocker account wonder when it is they will be able to spend them again or see their money back, if at all, since game purchases have now purportedly been disabled.

From what we know, at least one developer has had to shelf their game development plans due to the company’s shutdown, and others are owed money, even though Brightlocker CEO Ruben Cortez denies this.

While some developers were informed of Brightlocker’s dissolution via e-mail, none were sent to any of Brightlocker’s customers, many of whom may still be unaware of the company’s shutdown.

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